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Welcome to my dA!

FRGT10NE | Taken | 16 | Bisexual Pride Flag by Blues-Eyes

Hello there!
My name is Skatey! I'm a 16 year old weirdo, living life and trying to enjoy the things I can, at the moment.
I'm always questioning in my head authorities. I like being, that different person of the group.
I use to be a patient person, quiet and timid. I can be a really extroverted person, I'm also a wicked one.
My objective: Show my art to world, receive critiques, progress.
I love my furball Sheby, he is mah boy, mine! >:c

Th3Frgt10Warrior :heart: ElChipy
♥ March 20th, 2013 ♥

Feel free in your imagination.

.About commissions.

:bulletgreen:Commissions are open!:bulletgreen:
I do commissions under the next terms:
-You will pay before I start, I have got cases where they haven't paid me when I finished the commissioned art.
-The commissioned art cannot be used to sell the character.
-The commissioned art can be shared into different sites meanwhile they belong to the buyer and they credit me.
-The commissioned art cannot be used with commercial intentions.
-If the character design is difficult it could take a long while.


Common art
:bulletgreen: Headshots [example] 350 :points:

:bulletgreen: Flat colour [example] 500 :points:

:bulletgreen: Full body shaded [example] 700 :points:

:bulletgreen: 'Journal Dolls' [example] 500 :points:

:bulletgreen: Pixel of your character 100x100 or less [example] 750 :points: (they are more complex since they are smaller than 'JDs')

More info: [x]

Don't doubt about it, just do it.

Dogs don't doubt about smelling any creature ass.
Why would you doubt about talking to that person you like?


Richy | Banshee | Kishe | Zacharie



Oh hello there xD
Mon Jun 23, 2014, 5:13 AM
I just pooped lawl
Mon Jun 23, 2014, 4:57 AM
Wed Jun 11, 2014, 7:38 PM
Tue Jun 3, 2014, 6:26 AM
thank you <3
Thu Apr 10, 2014, 11:26 AM


Pokemon Themed Icon
Come at me bro! .PC. by Th3Frgt10Warrior
I could try a tail wag animation instead of bouncing but it would cost 100 extra :points:

.I will not do complex designed characters.
.I will probably not do accessories.
.No humans or anthros this time.

Send a :note: if you're interested!
Flat coloured chibi
Today! .PC. by Th3Frgt10Warrior 
Flat coloured chibi of any of your characters!
I might do feral & anthro. No humans.
:note: me if you want one!

Point Commission Info:

Headshot drawing
A drawing of your character according to it's personality or drawn in any mode or form you want. Send me a note if you're interested!
Ex: I can be the good guy too! by Th3Frgt10Warrior

Remember who you are and how you started.

School has started for me, so expect me to be a lot inactive. If you want to leave me a message, comment or note me. I will try to answer everything when I come back.
Thanks for understanding!



.no contest atm.



Note me!

Likes: Direct people, being alone sometimes, decorate stuff, apples, animals, Pokémon, strange creatures, genetics, water, music, drawing, go out with boyfriend or friends, school, do something, take care of others, books, cleaning, rain, fire, some movies, my drawing tablet (I love it), funny stuff, animations, Game Of Thrones & semi-realistic styles.

Side note: I'm friendly! If you have any question, just ask me through a comment or a note. I won't bite you! Only don't ask for points or requests. Thank you! ♥
Extra: Info of commissions and how do I work can be found scrolling down.

.♥ My friends on dA ♥.
| Adry | Amanda | Desmo | Doe | Eli | Javy | Jewel |
| Joel | Karen | Libertades | Mily | Nena | Nicki | Paige | Raven
| Sarah | Stellan | Tabby | Zach |
.I wish I could be awesome like this people omg.
| Secretzl | Falvie | Aulaw | CanisAlbus | Kique | Akreon | Ibee | Rott-Rott | Wenqing Yan |

'The creativity extends all the limits'.

'Practising and believing in yourself, that's the key'.

To-do ?

Presentation by Th3Frgt10Warrior

- [empty slot]
- 3 commissions for Pixlett .NP. (order saved on PC)
- [empty slot]
- [empty slot]
- [empty slot]

Art trades:
- closed
- at
- the
- moment
- don't ask for them.



Featuring friend's auction!

Orginal creature AUCTION OPEN by Libertades


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crap I want a commission so bad, but I can only spare ten points. Damnit! D:

(Wish I had more points to spare, but commissions are slow-going. I doubt you've had the same difficulty, your commissions are so awesome that they're sure to sell!)
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Beautiful page and beautiful art!
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Hey! Just saw that you were on... wanted to compliment you on your art. LOVE IT!
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